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Consultancy Services for Concessionary Travel

Introduction & Lot Scope

The SAM National Procurement Framework is aimed at organisations who wish to procure ITSO or ticketing services and goods directly, rather than through the SAM Managed Service.  It has been developed as a national resource to allow simple and seamless access to an extensive full range of ITSO services and goods without organisations having to complete individual, costly and time-consuming procurement exercises.

The Consultancy Services for Concessionary Travel Lot provides access to companies both large and small who provide specialist Concessionary Travel, ITSO and wider ticketing consultancy and scheme management services.     

It covers work such as:

  • Setting up and Managing a Concessionary Travel Scheme;
  • Data Analysis;
  • Payment and Reimbursement Management & Systems;
  • Calculation of Reimbursement rates ensuring 'no better no worse';
  • Compliance Reviews;
  • Assistance in reviewing claims for Additional Costs;
  • Preparing claims for Additional Costs;
  • Use of National Toolkits
  • Defending Claims where challenged;
  • Preparing Claim Submissions;
  • Reviewing Payment Processes (fixed pot vs. individual journeys); and
  • Ad-hoc support work.

The Framework can be used to call-off as little as a single days work - to a fully managed scheme.                                

Who should use this Framework Lot

This Framework Lot is suitable for, but not limited to:

  • Local Authorities, Regional Transport Bodies, National Governments or Other Public Sector Bodies who operate Concessionary Travel or Integrated Ticketing Schemes;
  • Any Transport Operator who participates in a Concessionary Travel or Integrated Ticketing Scheme.

All users of the National Procurement Framework need to be a Member of SAM. Details about becoming a Member are available here.

Suppliers Available & Call Off Guidance Notes 

There are 7 Suppliers who have already signed ITSO Consultancy Services Framework Agreements with SAM and are available immediately under this Lot.

  • ALCO Partnership                           

  • Innovatious                                    

  • ITP Ltd                                           

  • MCL Ltd                                           

  • Nic Greaves Public Transport           Nic Greaves

  • Systra Ltd                                       

  • TAS Partnership                                       

To access the Suppliers' own website, please click on their logo above. 

Guidance Notes on how a SAM Member can Call Off from the Consultancy Services for Concessionary Travel Lot are attached below.

Image result for pdf logo Consultancy Services Lot Guidance Notes

The Guidance Notes are designed to assist and inform a SAM Member on all aspects of undertaking a Call Off from the Framework, including:

  • Scoping a Member's own requirements;
  • Identifying the most suitable Supplier(s) to meet these requirements;
  • Preparing the Call Off Order;
  • The process for undertaking a Mini-Competition (if one is required); and
  • The costs for using the Framework.

Copies of the Technical Specification and Framework Agreement terms and conditions from this Lot's OJEU tender procurement are available within the Members' section of the SAM Website.

Benefits of the Framework

  • The SAM National Procurement Framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation - so you do not need to run your own OJEU procurement process;
  • All Framework Agreements are fully GDPR compliant;
  • All Suppliers available under this Lot have been assessed for their financial stability, experience and technical ability;
  • All Orders are underpinned by a Framework Agreement, which clearly sets out the terms and conditions of the Order.


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