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Customer Relations Management (CRM) Package

Customer Relations Management (CRM) Package

Together with the AMS-HOPS Package, the CRM Package forms the foundation of SAM’s Managed Service. It offers Members a fully managed, dependable back office system for managing customers, with the ability to support a range of Smart Ticketing Schemes from a standard Concessionary Entitlement Scheme to the most complex of Commercial Schemes.

The CRM Package provides Members with a tailored customer management system which is fully integrated with the other SAM Managed Service Packages such as the AMS-HOPS and Web Portal Packages; to provide a best in class experience. The CRM Package also includes a Web Service, which is an online renewals and applications for Concessionary Travel customers.

As a SAM Member, when purchasing a Managed Service package from us, you are not just getting access to the software from the Supplier, but the support of a team dedicated to ensuring you can get the best out of your integrated smart system – however large or small that may be.

Details of the Customer Relations Management (CRM) Package for Local Authority / PTA / Other Public Sector Members is available by clicking here:

Details of the Customer Relations Management (CRM) Package for Operator Members is available by clicking here: