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CRM Multi-Factor Authentication

From the third quarter of 2021, SAM will be adding Multi-factor Authentication to our market-leading CRM. The introduction of Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for the SAM CRM brings an additional layer of protection to your data. You've probably used MFA before, even if you weren't aware of it. If a website has ever sent a code to your phone for you to enter to gain access, for instance, you've completed a multi-factor transaction.

We identified the need to introduce MFA as part of our ongoing security assurance programme, which seeks to ensure all SAM systems remain secured against a range of security threats and vulnerabilities. MFA is also recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre as part of their 14 Cloud Security Principles and is increasingly being mandated by IT Teams as part of new procurements.

How will MFA work?

Once MFA is activated for a CRM partition, users will be prompted to confirm their email address and optionally add a mobile phone number the next time they log in. The CRM will then send confirmation to their email or device; successful verification will complete the MFA activation process.

Once MFA is activated each time the user logs in, a code will be sent to their email or mobile phone, which they will need to enter to access the system. Users can enable a 'remember me' period during log on for a specific device, meaning that they won't be prompted to enter a code for seven days. We only recommended this for computers in secure locations that aren't shared with other users.

As a consequence of the introduction of MFA, we will also be introducing updated password reset and Agent creation processes due to the need to collect additional information.

For more information about MFA, including how to have it activated on your partition, please contact

Together with the AMS-HOPS Package, the CRM Package forms the foundation of SAM’s Managed Service. It offers Members a fully managed, dependable back-office system for managing customers, with the ability to support a range of Smart Ticketing Schemes from a standard Concessionary Entitlement Scheme to the most complex of Commercial Schemes.

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