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SAM Managed Service


The SAM Managed Service has developed for our Members over the last 8 years to help them deliver smart and integrated ticketing.  In its simplest form, the SAM Managed Service is a series of 8 individual support Packages which can be combined to provide a complete end-to-end managed service for smart and integrated ticketing, tailored to meet the needs of an individual SAM Member.

Each Package is designed to support a specific Scheme requirement using both our own experience, and Member feedback gained through a series of internal Member workshops and meetings in 2016. This feedback led to the development of the current 8 Packages for the period April 2017 – March 2023.

As a SAM Member, when purchasing a Managed Service Package from us, you are not just getting access to the software from our Supplier partners, but the support of a team dedicated to ensuring you can get the best out of your integrated smart system – however large or small that may be.

SAM Managed Service Packages: